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It’s time for a new adventure.

Your next level Sail Route planning

All Data in one place

WAY TO SAIL presents all the relevant routing information in one place: distance, timing, weather conditions, and the optimal path. There’s no more need to consult 5 different apps to plan your trip, it’s all in one place.

Time & Distance

After creating your route, WAY TO SAIL will show the total distance, and the distance between each way point. Furthermore, you’ll see the estimated time of arrival depending on forecast winds.

Weather conditions

WAY TO SAIL will display all the important weather information for your trip: average expected winds, gusts, waves, temperature, and precipitation.No need to jump between apps to combine wind and routing information.

Optimal Routing

Depending on the rout and winds, the optimal route might not be obvious — especially on multi-day trips. WAY TO SAIL will take into account multiple weather forecasts and suggest the shortest route.

Create your trip in just a few clicks…

We believe sailors should spend their time on the water or relaxing on anchor, not at their homes planning the route. Hence we designed WAY TO SAIL to require as little effort as possible on your side, and seamlessly support you with all the relevant decisions.

1. Select your Boat

Only the first time around, you have to set up your boat type, and motoring preferences. This information helps us to pick the optimal tracks and give you a robust estimated time of arrival.

2. Set your Route

With a few clicks , you can set up your way points to define the route. We paid special attention to the design of our app, to make this step as smooth as possible. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

3. Pick time & date

Finally, we need you to indicate time & date, so that we can display relevant weather information and suggest the best route for your trip. Often sailors want to find the optimal weather window, thus we also support time windows instead of exact times.

Fits your type of adventure

With WAY TO SAIL supports you on any kind of sailing trip. While en route you can easily check your estimated time of arrival (ETA), new destinations, and compare multiple routing options. It’s designed to fit your needs and seamlessly support you with your routing choices.  


En route many aspects of your trip can change: wind, weather, or your plans. With WAY TO SAIL you can easily evaluate your alternatives or simply get an updated ETA. All with a few clicks, taking into account wind, waves, current, your preferences, and boat type.

Passage Planning

For longer passages, you prefer a certain wind direction, strength, and avoid hazardous conditions. WAY TO SAIL will help you to find the optimal departure time and route in a given window. We’ll inform you whenever new forecasts alter the optimal time or route. Stop wasting your time passage planning while anchoring in  dreamy bays.

Holiday Route

Planning the route for your next sailing holiday not only creates a thrill of anticipation but also makes for a smooth trip. With WAY TO SAIL you can create multiple routes, evaluate their length and travel time, but also handle multiple scenarios. During your holiday, you can simply make your choice and have all the navigation data ready within seconds.

Stay tuned…

Currently, WAY TO SAIL is closed beta and we’re working hard towards our first public release. If you’re interested in being one of our first users, please reach out and sign up as a beta user. We’d be glad to get your feedback!

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